Downtown Aberdeen Revitalization Traffic Improvements (DARTI)

Roads and Bridges

Rognlin’s was the general contractor that installed the first roundabout in downtown Aberdeen. The project improved safety for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, replacing a five-way intersection at Market Street, F Street, and Fuller Way.

Rognlin’s removed the existing traffic signal system, excavated the roadway, reconstructed the HMA roadway, improved storm water conveyance and treatment systems, installed a cement concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk, added pigmented/textured concrete paving, and installed a new illumination system.

The project was delivered ahead of schedule, taking only five months of the planned six-month period. “It is always nice to get a project done on time and early…Rognlin’s (Inc.) worked with city staff to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.” Rick Sangder, City of Aberdeen Public Works Director (Link to Article)

The new roundabout was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony that featured Aberdeen Mayor Pete Schave driving through the ribbon in a Rognlin’s Inc. dump truck.



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